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481 Effective Model Business Letters   Dr. Muhammad Amar Bin Arna Salam
Why Everyone Out There Need ONE COPY of it ?   The Writer - “Effective Model Business Letters”
Business letters are written for a clear purpose. Communication can easily make or break an organization's effectiveness. Just think about the times when you or others misunderstood a written communication.

Most likely, you even passed that message on to others, believing it was correct and appropriate. Soon, too many people probably received an incorrect message. It happens all the time.
Our Effective Model Business Letters is a practical, useful and exhaustive guide for our everyday business and communications. Clear and well structured letters can accomplish better results.

Our model letters are written in a clear, simple and straightforward style. You can modify them to suit your own requirements.
A man who always seen risk as a great challenge and good opportunity to generate profits and high returns.

He strongly believes that nothing is impossible if you were working hard enough to get it achieved, and that life is a continuous learning process, you need to get yourself keep learning and improving in order to be success at all time.
*   Master of Business Administration (MBA), from University of
Warnborough, UK
*   Doctorate in Business Administration Management from
Paramount University of Technology, US
*   Chairman and Managing Director of Mega Fiume Sdn Bhd.
*   Appointed Director and Shareholder in numerous private
limited companies as well as public listed companies.
Contains More Than 450 Models of Business Letters Which Is Inclusive Of The Following :
Banking & Finance Corporate Human Resources Legal Sales & Marketing Personal
E.g. Raise Capital, Grants Application, Notification, Authorization Letter E.g. Press Release, Letter of Proposal, Company Support Letter

E.g. Appointment, Employer Support, Job Revision, Unsolicited Reference Letter.

E.g. Confidentiality Agreement, Promissory Note, Letter of Consent, Termination of An Agreement.

E.g. Company Introduction Literature, Several of Follow-up Letters, Letter of Apology.

E.g. Greetings, Congratulation, Invitation, Job Prospecting, Negotiation Letter
Total : 100 Total : 78 Total : 90 Total : 42 Total : 97 Total : 76
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